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Strengthen Your Immune System

With painless, non-invasive Bioresonance therapy.


Do you suffer from allergies, toxity, or a weak immune system?

There are non-invasive, pain-free options which can improve these conditions.


We have allergen test kits to test for allergies to foods, metals, pollens, etc. We can also test for any other substances you may want to bring us.


There are options which can improve your immune system. 


Determines if a supplement is beneficial or harmful to the body.


Soaps, cosmetics, detergents, supplements, etc. can be tested for toxins.

See What A Few Of Our Happy Clients Have To Say

Karen P.

I brought my son and I love that he is sleeping better and has more energy throughout the day. I highly recommend Bioresonance to anyone looking to feel better.

Petur T.

I have had back pain for years and after a few sessions of Bioresonance, I am impressed at how my pain has been eliminated. Thank you for helping me eliminate my pain.

Jenna T.

I have suffered from environmental and food allergies for years.  I am excited about the upcoming spring and summer when I can enjoy being outside.

What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance therapy is a new way to appraoch the body and its disturbances.  Every substance has its own frequency. For example, the liver vibrates at a different frequency than the kidney.  Bioresonance therapy harmonizes the frequencies in the body so every organ can work properly.  We can harmonize the frequencies in your body for respiratory, cardiovascular and rheumatic conditions.

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A Refreshing New Twist on Pain Management

At Evergreen Holistic Health Centre, we understand that pain can take over your life.  Imbalances in your body can cause pain.  By performing a few non-invasive steps, we can help reduce and eliminate pain.

About Evergreen Holistic Health Centre

With over 15 years of bioresonance service, our team will help you improve your immune system.  

Call us at 204-895-9514 if you have any questions.

The Evergreen Holistic Health Centre Team

Here to help you improve your health.

Dennis, Owner & Practitioner
The Evergreen Team has two part-time practitioners.

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   Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during my first appointment?

The initial assessment covers allergens, meridians, and organs.  We will also take a preliminary look at your stress factors such as pain, toxins and pathogens.  If there is time, and if it is appropriate, the session will include some therapy.

How long will each session last?

Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.  

What is the cost for a bioresonance appointment?

Each session is $50/hour and takes 2 hours, for a total of $100.  Payment can be made by cash or cheque.


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